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Low and Steep Slope Roofs

Every roof system is different but here are some common reasons why all roof systems develop problems over time.

  • Poor maintenance (low/steep slope)
  • Delamination of field material (low/steep slope)
  • Field seams separating (low/steep slope)
  • Damage from water ponding (low slope)
  • Roof debris (low/steep slope)
  • Improper repairs/installation (low/steep slope)
  • Blisters and ridges (low/steep slope)
  • Punctures (low/steep slope)
  • Wind damage (low/steep slope)

Without proper maintenance of a roof system, water will penetrate the structure, causing additional damage to your building (water intrusion, damage to insulation, rotted decking and joists, mold, electrical system issues, additional heating and cooling costs, etc.).    This will, unfortunately, result in additional structure repairs and reduction in the lifespan of the roof.

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